Colorado coyote pup needed to be euthanized after people reportedly played with it before it bit someone

A coyote pup had to be euthanized in Colorado.
A coyote pup had to be euthanized in Colorado.(CPW)
Published: Jul. 22, 2021 at 4:25 PM MDT
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YUMA, Colo. (KKTV) - A woman was bitten and a wild animal had to be put down after multiple Colorado families reportedly played with a coyote pup.

On Thursday, officials with Colorado Parks and Wildlife shared details on the incident with the public. According to the state wildlife agency, people were trying to pet and play with the pup just north of the Yuma District Hospital recently.

“Upon investigation, it was apparent this young coyote had been fed by people in the community, causing it to become habituated,” part of a press release from CPW reads. “When wildlife officers went to seize the coyote, which had been taken in by another individual to his shop, the coyote was wearing a dog collar and had a leash on it.”

The coyote pup had to be euthanized so that a brain sample could be submitted for rabies testing.

“This case should serve as a reminder to leave baby wildlife alone and to not feed wildlife,” said Wildlife Officer Josh Melby. “The lady who got bit is going through rabies shots now, which is unpleasant and expensive.”

The feeding of big game animals in Colorado can come with fines starting at $100 plus surcharges.

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